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"Hi Folks.  This is me in my waterproof onesie.  I took the photo as a joke when onesies were all the fashion.

Since I only keep a few animals and have no desire to move to a more intensive system, my profits are extremely low.  I believe animals have a right to a full and happy life.  I believe that the end of their life should also be respected.  To this end I use a family butcher who also believes animals should be treated humanly.

You may ask, Why do I eat meat if I care about animals?

Well I do so because I like them, I like seeing them in fields as I drive along.  The fact is that if certain animals were not kept for meat the only place we would ever see them is in a zoo.

Another fact that must be considered is that if we all just lived on vegetables, then where would the fertilizer come from?  Well we'd probably have to make it from chemicals.  There is also no doubt that some land would need an awful lot of chemicals on it to grow fruit and vegetables and is really only suitable for sheep.  It is really important to maintain a balanced ecosystem.  Diversity is the key to achieving this.

During the war everyone was encouraged to grow food.  What is possibly not so well know is that by growing vegetables the goodness in the land was gradually being used up.  It is known that if the war had lasted any longer there wouldn't have been enough good stuff left in the soil to continue producing enough food.

I am a very small producer. 

To supplement my income I have started an additional enterprise called ZOE Fixit.



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