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Why choose Zoe's Farm Pork?

If you have never eaten free-range, home grown, outdoor reared pork or bacon you are in for a real treat.

Yes, it is expensive.  No, it doesn’t come in standard shapes and sizes.  But yes,the taste is absolutely amazing.

I hate buying meat from a supermarket.  It is really bland, even if it is labelled ‘free range’.  This is because commercial farming has such a high density of animals. Organically grown meat does have a lower density of animals, however, there is no restriction on the breed.  Turnover is really important so they are grown as quickly as possible, using commercial breeds selected for fast growth rates rather than flavour.  To achieve more weight the meat, especially bacon, it is often pumped full of water.  My pigs however, are not a fast growing commercial breed and therefore grow at a more natural rate.  They live 3 months longer than a commercial pig.  They have lots of space and clean bedding in their house and they are free to go outside at any time.  They love playing outside especially when there are big muddy puddles to splash about in.

My products do not contain such additives.  My gammon and bacon is dry cured and doesn’t shrink to nothing when it is cooked and my sausages are free from unnecessary bulking agents.

You really do get what you pay for.

Why is home produced pork more expensive than commercially reared pork? Click here to find out

Available to pre-order now for Xmas and New Year. Payment due on delivery. For prices click here.

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